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$497.50 ex. VAT

This Stainless Steel floor standing wipe dispenser (with matte black finish) is a sleek and stylish wipe stand that allows your Gym wipes to blend in flawlessly in any¬†facility. The Stainless Steel Stand is both useful and stylish, serving as a wipe dispenser for exercise equipment as well as a hidden waste container (included) for […]

Liquid Dispenser 1
$149.97 ex. VAT

Our Wall-Mounted Automatic Gel Dispenser, ideal for use in fitness, healthcare, education, food service/processing facilities, and any other high-volume/traffic situations, can simply and safely administer hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, or any other gel body care product. Because of a pre-measured dispensing volume, the touch-free automatic dispensing system improves hygiene in your facilities while reducing product […]