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This Stainless Steel floor standing wipe dispenser (with matte black finish) is a sleek and stylish wipe stand that allows your Gym wipes to blend in flawlessly in any¬†facility. The Stainless Steel Stand is both useful and stylish, serving as a wipe dispenser for exercise equipment as well as a hidden waste container (included) for […]

Liquid Dispenser 1

Our Wall-Mounted Automatic Gel Dispenser, ideal for use in fitness, healthcare, education, food service/processing facilities, and any other high-volume/traffic situations, can simply and safely administer hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, or any other gel body care product. Because of a pre-measured dispensing volume, the touch-free automatic dispensing system improves hygiene in your facilities while reducing product […]

Stainless Steel Wipe Dispenser is made from high stainless steel that is rust-free, water-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. The broad base of the Stainless Steel floor stand gym wipe dispenser adds stability. (Only the stainless steel dispenser and the reusable bucket are included.) The roll of gym wipes is not included.) It's compatible with most regular gym wipes and comes with a bucket to collect your rolls of wipes.

Euroline Wipes Dispenser 3

The ideal way to deliver our pre-moistened gym wipes is through wall mounted gym wipe dispensers. This streamlined model is simple to refill and install, making it ideal for any fitness center. Hands-free gym wipes dispensers are also hygienic, preventing germs from spreading and offering a better atmosphere for your members. Euroline gym wipes Dispenser […]