Draco Wall Mounted Foam Soap Dispenser- White 2100-2R 0.8Ml




The Draco Foaming dispenser 2100 is ideal for your gyms, fitness centers, and spas. It comes with a new white ” Slim Look” design and a window so that your employees can observe soap levels. That dispenser can be filled with 1000 ml of soap that can be refilled for maintenance. Created with abs plastic and a glossy finish the dispenser is durable and retains a fresh look even with long periods of use.

In the end, if safety is your concern, the dispenser comes with a locking device to prevent vandalism and can the dispenser can easily be permanently attached to walls with screw sets or an adhesive.

Ideal for gyms, fitness centers, and spa
New “Slim Look” design
Window for soap observation
Created with ABS plastic
Durable and glossy finish