Plastic Floor Bucket Wipe Dispenser with Lid | KIT




Easy reusable plastic floor wipe dispenser with lid so the gym wipes wont dry up and you can place these plastic bucket wipe dispensers all around your gym to give access to your members to effective gym wipes. Very easy to use , durable , and portable; this is the perfect Floor wipe dispenser to place around your home gym, fitness centers, wellness centers. Perfect for all types of wipes including our bulk wipes. Affordable wet wipe dispenser that is budget friendly & easy to use at home or commercially. Add these buckets to every area of your gym for easy access for your members.

Looking for affordable gym wipes that won’t break the budget but are effective against germs? Look here for our industry standard gym wipes that will pair well with all the plastic floor wipe dispenser.


easy to use.
Comes with a lid