Teledex UCD100 Universal USB Charging Station



Now upgrade your existing hotel phones with Teledex universal USB Charging Stations. No need to unplug your room phone, or get out a screwdriver or pliers. Simply release the convenient adhesive strip and place the UCD100 charging station beneath your in-service room phone, plug in the wall ​adapter, and your guests are ready to charge their smart mobile devices via two built-in USB ports…one on either side of the unit. Guests are bringing 4 to 5 smart mobile devices into the guest room. Ensure a positive guest experience, when you add the convenience of USB charging to your Teledex, TeleMatrix, Scitec, or competitive brand phone.

  • Standard colors: Ash and Black
  • Unit size: 5.79” W x 1.97” D x 0.71” H 147 mm W x 50 mm D x 18 mm H
  • Input: 100-240V-50/60HZ 0.8A Max
  • Output: 5.0V @ 4.0A
  • Class V
  • Weight: 0.55 lb (0.25 kg) including PSU
  • Packaging: 20 (per carton)

Works with Teledex I Series, Opal Series, Diamond Series, Nugget Series, & Pearl Series; TeleMatrix 9600 Series, 3300 Series, 2700 Series, 2800 Series, & 3000 Series; Scitec Aegis-08 Series, Aegis-09 Series, & Aegis-00 Series